our story

Waalitj – Our story told by our people.

Wirrpanda Foundation is excited to announce we have officially changed our name to Waalitj Foundation, representing the start of a new era, after almost two decades. Pronounced ‘wah-li-ch’, the new name means eagle in Noongar language.

Whadjuk Noongar Boodja is our base. Nested with the West Coast Eagles Football Club at Mineral Resources Park, we are proud to identify with our founding organisation. Waalitj further represents this connection and our deep appreciation to Whadjuk Noongar and the place of the Foundation’s birth.

With an unfaltering determination to deliver on our promise, the Foundation has formed enduring relationships among our participants, programs, staff and stakeholders. Our genuine commitment has earnt the Foundation a trusted reputation across the many communities and Lands we are welcomed to operate in. The Boomerangs signpost the Foundation’s past and carry forward our reputable success.

The journey to becoming Waalitj Foundation builds from our success. As the Foundation grows, Waalitj becomes a symbol of our commitment to upholding our values so the Foundation, like Waalitj, is able to fly great distances and hold respect wherever it goes.

Our staff

In a display of leadership, Waalitj rises to every challenge. The collective strengths of our people empower us to overcome adversity and succeed in places others may not. Akin to Waalitj, we rise to the challenges in front of us and use the vantage point of our position to achieve the best possible outcome for those under our wing.

Our clear focus

Waalitj is looking to the future – bold, brave and determined. You will find Waalitj throughout Australia, adapting and learning from the past to better our future. The Foundation will continue to strive for the excellence Waalitj embodies, as a leading force for strengthening First Nations communities through education, employment and business across Australia.

Our programs.

The Foundation exists to support and enable the success of First Nations people and lead in the provision of education, employment and business services. Our programs are designed alongside the people we serve and are flexible to meet the unique needs of the people and communities we support. Our programs are wide-reaching. This promotes a strong interdisciplinary response and cross-over between teams and ensures all programs benefit from the Foundation’s wealth of collective knowledge and experience.

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