Job Success for P242 Participant

After trying to find employment for over 2 years, Sophie Websdale reached out to the Wirrpanda Foundation to help turn her luck around.

Guided by her employment mentor, Sophie enrolled in the Plan 2day 4 2morrow Employment Program.

Proudly supported by Shell, P242 is aimed at inspiring and creating opportunities for long-term unemployed Aboriginal people aged 18+ and focuses on improving employability through the development of foundation skills and work readiness.

Working closely with her mentor made navigating through job opportunities for a position much more straightforward. When a position that was suitable came through the Foundation’s networks Sophie and her mentor would work together through the entire application process.

Thanks to Sophie’s commitment to the program and dedication shown during the trial period, she began full-time employment as a painter with Marawar Building Services and immediately noticed the vast improvement in her life.

“Life was bumpy before this job and now I’ve got this job, a lot of the bumps have smoothed out, because I’m getting a proper pay compared to Centrelink, so I am able to pay my rent, registration, phone bill and any other bills I need, instead of having to struggle fortnightly. Now I have some money spare.”

Sophie attributes the success to her time at the Wirrpanda Foundation. “You guys have always been a support for me. Just helping me look for jobs, especially my mentor. Whenever he saw something that he thought suited me he would give me a ring and ask me if I’m interested, and if I was he would send through my resume for me. You guys are just always on the lookout.”

Now more than 6 months into her fulltime role at Marawar Building Services, Sophie has set her sights on her next dream, buying a house. “Now that I’m in a more secure situation, I’m looking to start saving some money to go apply for a house, because you can never go wrong with your own house.”

By talking about her employment journey Sophie hopes to inspire those who are in a similar position to where she was and says the best thing is to, “Just go in. Just ask. It will help you so much.”

P242 is kindly supported by Shell

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