First Indigenous Funeral Service Launched in WA

A Kariyarra Noongar woman has established the State’s first Indigenous funeral company with the mission of bringing culture, honour and tradition to services. 

Sharon Todd was motivated to start her own business, Towards the Dreaming, after seeing a gap in services offered by mainstream funeral companies.

“I have always been passionate about creating funeral ceremonies that allow our mob to do things their way,” she said.

“Culture and identity are integral both in life and in death for indigenous people, so it is important that this is respected and honoured.

“By fostering human connection and rekindling our traditional practises, I hope to bring healing and closure to these families.”

Sharon’s ambitious business proposal was supported by the Wirrpanda Foundation’s Wirra Hub, which helps Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to start or grow their businesses through in-house mentoring with business coaches, networking opportunities and state of the art office facilities.

“From the first moment I walked into the Wirra Hub, I was welcomed by Raylene Bellottie, who is now my business coach, and I have been guided by her ever since,” Sharon said.

“I am very grateful to have met Raylene, she has inspired me throughout this whole journey and her assistance has been invaluable.”

Raylene is one of several business coaches based at the Wirra Hub, focused on delivering business and employment services to indigenous people across the State.

“Being a part of Sharon’s journey has been very rewarding and I look forward to watching the business grow,” Raylene said.

“As a business coach it’s always exciting to mentor and guide individuals with the hope of making their dreams a reality, and Sharon is the perfect example of how persistence, dedication and commitment can help you achieve your goals, regardless of how ambitious they may seem.”

For more information visit the Wirra Hub website.

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