Successful ParentsNext Participant, Wayne Kelly

As an employee with Geographe Underground Services (GUS), Wayne is a respected, hardworking, and charismatic member of the team. This is a new and very exciting role for him, making his family very proud.

Wayne started his journey with the Wirrpanda Foundation many years ago where he was supported to start a FIFO role.

“It can be really hard to find a job through the normal network but when you come to the Foundation, they sit down with you and go through it all,” said Wayne.

Recently Wayne reconnected with the Foundation to get support finding a job after taking time off to care for his children.

“The mentors are there to help you succeed in the long term and I have always enjoyed the courses and subsequent work they have helped me into. When I need work, they are always there to help me,” said Wayne.

After joining the ParentsNext program and getting to know Karen his mentor, Wayne started his job ready journey.

ParentsNext supports parents with young children to identify their education and employment goals, working with participants to develop a pathway towards future study or work.

Through getting to know Wayne and his goals, Karen encouraged him to participate in a TAFE course in civil construction. This led him to his current role working with GUS, a provider of underground and overhead service installation and maintenance.

“GUS is a very family orientated business, which is really important to me,” said Wayne.

Finding a role for Wayne that aligned with his values and his commitment to his family was a priority for his mentors at the Foundation.

Working for GUS not only aligns with Wayne’s family values, but it also gives him the variety of opportunities and the supportive team that he had hoped for.

“We get to move around to different sites every day and everyone at GUS are great workers and I’m just learning off them as they show me the ropes.”

When asked what his goals were Wayne pointed to his supervisor, “I want to be like him, training and mentoring people so they can do the sort of work I’m doing.”

Reflecting on his advice for other jobseekers, Wayne said “Just don’t give up, keep at it and be committed.”

The dedication and enthusiasm Wayne show towards his work and the importance he places on the stability and happiness of his family is certainly an inspiration to all.

For more information visit the ParentsNext page.

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