Youth Justice Coordinator, Mick

As the Youth Justice Coordinator in the Kimberley region, Broome man Mick Pigram has a challenging but very important role to play in the community. He devotes his time to ensuring each boy he mentors has the best outcome possible. This is achieved through our Full Circle Partnership program which sees Aboriginal young people in touch with the Youth Justice system participate in daily activities and individual mentoring support.

Through Micks experience and expertise in the area he engages and motivate participants, with a focus on wellbeing, connection, and future job opportunities.

“Each morning I pick up the boys from their homes and every day we have a different activity,” said Mick.

The program covers resume writing and other job ready skills which is complemented by hands on tasks like wood work, bike repairs, sport, equine therapy, and reconnection on country.

Being able to implement unique experiences for the participants like the equine therapy is particularly rewarding for Mick.

“Horses mirror your body language and emotions; they are really great in helping the boys regulate their feelings, the calming nature and sheer size of the animal brings the boys back down enough for them to open up about those feelings.”

Reconnection on country also provides a great opportunity for the boys to participant in boating, fishing and other activities that help them feel connected to culture.

This combination of activities guides and encourages the participants to make better choices and lead law abiding and healthy lifestyles.

“I think helping them find employment is really important as it can really help them turn their life around.”

Mick’s role in supporting the participants and addressing reoffending behaviour is guided by his hope to help them lead happy lives.

“My favourite part of my role is just seeing the boys happy; Taking them away from their home life and replacing some of that trauma with good memories is very rewarding.”

For more information visit the Full Circle Partnership page.

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