From Casual to Full Time for Jermain

Photo courtesy of Jen O’Mullane  

Since September Jermain has been working closely with his mentor to find fulltime employment.  Although the process can take some time to begin with, it always pays off in the end just like it has for Jermain. With his resume in order, and prep done for better confidence in the interviews, Jermain flew through the screening process at He Parts International Crushing Solutions and was taken on as a casual employee.

However, his ultimate goal was to find a permanent position, which after impressing his supervisors with his strong work ethic and ability to learn quickly, a permanent position was offered to him. It was a great opportunity to find employment that fit him the best, as he was able to get experience in different areas of the factory to see what was most suitable to his strengths. With all the paperwork done by Christmas we’re happy to see Jermain start the new year off so strong!

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