Containers 4 Change grows in Leonora

Photo courtesy of Jen O’Mullane  

Our Community Development Program team, who support job seekers in remote communities, has continued to grow the Containers for Change initiative in Leonora, which started in 2020. It’s one of the most effective ways to keep our job seekers engaged, make a positive environmental impact, and give back to the local community. Run every Thursday, there’s now a local area where people can deposit eligible containers for cash, which has encouraged more recycling, and it’s only getting busier!

The shared effort between our Activity Supervisors and participants to drive community engagement and grow employable skills is such a valuable opportunity and we look forward to continuing this collaboration. Thanks to all who have contributed and we look forward to the big things 2021 has in store!

Supported by we deliver the CDP program throughout Leonora, Laverton, Menzies, Wiluna, Mt. Margaret and Mulga Queen.

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