All-stars Event at Mineral Resources Park

Recently, we hosted the All Stars team at Mineral Resources Park for a day of footy and yarning. The team was handpicked from the best students and athletes within the Deadly Sista Girlz program, and the schools represented were Ellenbrook, Yule Brook, Southern River, Northam, Fremantle, Gilmore, John Tonkin, and Governor Stirling Senior High School. Kicking off with a training session run by West Coast Eagles coaches Fraser McInnes, Dana Hooker, and Chris Brown the girls properly warmed up and covered few drills before donning the team All Star guernseys and playing a friendly match.

Being able to use the West Coast Eagles training grounds was an exciting moment for the participants and it was obvious the girls felt inspired to push themselves and play some great footy.

After the game, the teams sat down with current West Coast Eagle players Alicia Janz, Imahra Cameron, Dana Hooker, Brianna Green, and Kate Orme who each discussed their personal career pathways that lead them to play footy professionally in AFLW. Each player touched on dealing with challenges like injury and balancing work with training, while also sharing their passion for the game. The message to the participants was clear: Everyone has their own path, but with enough hard work it’s possible to achieve your goals, in sport and elsewhere.

Dinner was provided and the girls had a quick break before the final activities started. Kristen Nelson, a former coach herself and Wirrpanda Foundation program coordinator, presented a deep-dive into the AFLW recruitment process. Several of the girls had already set a long-term goal of playing professional football, and were asking numerous questions to make sure they’re on the right track.

To wrap up the day, the girls went out to the ovals again and watched the West Coast Eagles Women’s training session. It was the perfect way to wrap up an event meant to inspire and teach of the opportunities that come with attending school and keeping healthy. We hope they went home with the knowledge that it can be done and we’re here to help them get there.

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