Back to Country Women’s Camp

Photo courtesy of Jen O’Mullane  

The Wirrpanda Foundation was privileged to be invited to help with the annual Nyuannga-Ku Women’s Camp in Leonora last month. The events lasted over four days and those in attendance were able to connect with guest speakers, community service providers, and Elders.

The Camps have always focused on sharing cultural knowledge and building stronger community relationships. A few of the activities included learning how to make bush medicine, honey ant digging, and cooking lessons.

Bianca, our CDP Community Engagement Manager, was on site to deliver Thrive Beauty Baskets, vouchers, and football merch to attendees.

“I love hosting camps on country and the spiritual connect that can be shared,” said Colleen Berry, Founder and President of Nyunnga-Ku Women’s Group. Being involved in such an amazing community initiative like this one is incredibly important to our Community Development Program. Engaging with community members on their journey to grow in capacity is an outcome we continually strive to achieve.

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