Bright Future for Kylie’s Three Kids

Kylie is a mother of three from Midland, and over the past few years has worked with Wirrpanda Foundation mentor Kristen Nelson to improve her living situation and the education possibilities of her children.

“Because I don’t really know much of my background. Being a part of the Wirrpanda Foundation has helped keep in touch with their culture.”

At first Kylie was unsure about joining a mentoring program, but since forming a special working relationship with Kristen, Kylie looks forward to her meetings each week.

Through Kylie’s involvement in the ParentsNext program and more recently the Stronger Communities program, she has been able to connect to all the support needed, including the Foodbank, Centrelink, and the Department of Education.

Kylie’s eldest son has gotten involved in Transition to Work, an education program run by the Wirrpanda Foundation that helps young Indigenous people connect with employers. “We gave him a call and said come in, we know your mum. We do make those connections to have these important conversations about what we can do to help, “ said Kristen.

In the past, Kylie was having to move from house to house, leading to disruptions that were too much for her and her kids to sustain the consistent schedule that school requires.

Since getting the support she needed Kylie’s two youngest children have re-joined school after meeting with the Department of Education to find the best pathway for them to get back on track with their education.

So far Kylie says the kids have been enjoying the vocational parts of their current school programs, excelling in the practical classes. Looking back on their journey Kristen says, “The greatest thing is she’s never given up and just kept moving forward.”

When asked what her motivation is Kylie said, “My babies, I want to get the best for them. I want them to be educated like the mentors here, so they can then help other people in our situation.” She sees an education as the best way to ensure her kids’ independence and success for the future.


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