Teaching Assistant Role for Thairon

“Before the Wirrpanda Foundation I was struggling in high school and I didn’t have a job, but they helped me build my resume and get one. I wouldn’t have this job without them.”

Thairon is a 19-year-old Noongar Wongi man who now works as an Aboriginal teaching assistant. He first heard about our programs through his older brother and decided to join Transition to Work with what Thairon says was the hope of, “getting a job where I felt comfortable; that I would wake up in the morning and feel good about it. And I did.”

Thairon says the mentor he was connected with not only helped out with his resume and applications, but also in personal matters that Thairon needed more support in. “I thought it would be hard going into the work lifestyle, but you actually feel very comfortable,” Thairon said. Having the support that comes with joining a program makes the process of finding the right employment opportunities and applying much less nerve-wracking.

“Trust the Wirrpanda Foundation staff, because behind the curtains they’re working so hard,” Thairon said as a tip for everyone looking to join a program as a participant. The Transition to Work program aims to help young people and early school leavers to transition to the work force.

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