Transition to Work Training

Our Transition to Work mentors have recently lead five participants to begin an 8-week training program via Training Course Experts.

The training provides an opportunity to upskill and demonstrate practical knowledge to potential employers. This is a fantastic outcome for the Wirrpanda Foundation participants aiming to develop fundamental skills in Logistics and complete work experience placements.

Mia Taylor, the Training Course Experts General Manager, said it’s, “really inspiring to see the dedication and commitment in the young participants to engage in the 8-week training program and seek meaningful employment opportunities.”

The Jobs and Logistics Training program allows all the participants to complete a total of nine tickets within the industry, and the participants are currently working through these at the Training Course Experts Facility.

Further along in the course, internship positions will be available from a host of employers, with the opportunity at the end of the program to secure ongoing employment in a permanent role.

From the beginning of every participants journey at the Wirrpanda Foundation mentors are there to provide support to achieve their goals. Kristel and James worked closely with their participants to identify interests and help match them to the best opportunities.

Mandatory personal protective equipment could have presented a barrier to individuals applying, but through the Foundation’s network of support our participants were provided all the required equipment thanks to TRL Clothing.

“It’s a real pleasure collaborating with the Wirrpanda Foundation, the teams are so supportive,” Mia Taylor said. So far the group has attained 5 certificates, including: First attack firefighting equipment, Secure Cargo, and Prep to work safely in the Construction Industry.

The five participants will continue to receive support from their mentors for the entirety of the program as we prioritise the development of skills and behaviour that will lead to sustainable, long-term employment.

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